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Maputo Accommodation

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Maputo - South Mozambique
Situated very South of Mozambique, welcome to the capital city of Maputo!
Maputo is a big city with plenty of attractions and things to do. There is a rich history that resides in Maputo and even if you are not a fan of the past, you will still admire and appreciate some of the beautiful achitectural / structural design that Maputo has to preserved and built. Most of the best tourist attractions are explained below. If you are interested in doing some shopping in Maputo then head off downtown (the Baixa) and see what gets your fancy ..
  Maputo's vibrant atmosphere  
Here you will also find banks and quite few quaint street cafe's and coffee shops for you to sit down, relax and get something to eat.
After you've had a good break ... make your way down to the busy, vibrant Mercado Municipal market. Here you can find tons of everything the busy locals can sell you, such as fruits, vegetables, fresh produce, spices, lovely detailed carved out wooden sculptures, baskets, beadwork, paintings plus so much more. Here you can definitly find a Souvenior of Mozambique.

If you are interested in some delicious fresh fish for the braai later that evening, then do visit the fish market (north end of Avenue Marginal). Everyday Fishermen go out on their boats to do a hard days work of catching fish ...and then after they return to the docks, they offload and take them straight to the fish market to be sold. Some of the seafood include: Massive Prawns, Clams, Crayfish, Crab and a variety of differnt fish. In fact, the lovely part about buying all your seafood from here is not only is it very fresh but you can get one of the fish markets restaurants to cook the seafood you just bought (of course for a small fee)!
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Visit Inhaca Island
Why not go take a ferry to Catembe ... which is the land you can see from across the bay of Maputo harbour. The boat ride takes about 25 minutes ... and once you are there (notice 2 small shipwrecks) and have jumped off board, you can either take a walk around Catembe which features quite a few military guns placed in certain spots (some are still loaded) or walk over to the restaurant and enjoy a tasty meal while also enjoying a fantastic panoramic skyline view of Maputo.
You can also hop on a boat to the Xefina island (off the coastline of Costa do Sol in Maputo). Even though you can cross the shallow waters to this island ONLY during low tide... it is still too risky as you can never be too sure how fast the tide will come in etc, etc. So its best to be safe and take a boat to Xefina. Long ago, the Portugese used the island as a prison and this served to be a good idea as there was no guards needed as the shark infested waters did the deed.

Then if you are interested in visiting or staying at the popular Inhaca island, then it is as simple as booking a boat trip. Click here for Information and Accommodation on Inhaca Island.

Maputo and Mozambicans are full of life and If you feel like experiencing some Maputo nightlife ... then groove down to the Fere de Populare, where vibrant latino beats play through-out the night. There are quite a few bars and disco's in this area to go test & taste the local beers and mixes!
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  Historical Landmarks
Maputo Catholic Cathedral
This Cathedral was built by the same man who built the Eiffel Tower. Yes, the one in Paris!
In the early 1900's, Gustave Eiffel, built this huge piece of Magnificent architecture. With a large bell at the very top, Its towering presence is facinating to look at!

The Central Railway Station
Marble pillars, wrought iron work, great attention to detail and a massive central dome... Sounds like a palace doesn't it? Well its the old Central Railway Station. Eiffel, once again, built another marvelous piece of architecture! Go and witness another one of Eiffels successful stories!

City Hall
This magnificent colonial / gothic looking building is now an interactive (sound effects & displays) Museum of Natural History. The museum shows plenty of interesting facts insects, fossils (a few bizarre things) and wildlife to keep you captivated.

The Museum of the Revolution
Opened Daily, except saterdays on Avenida 24 de Juhlo. This Museum tells a very interesting story about both the struggle against Portugese Colonialism, and the disastrious civil war that ended in the early 1990's.

The Art Museum
A Museum that shows some incredible Mozambique Sculptures & paintings.

Jardim Tunduru
Behind the tall statue of Samora Machel, is a peaceful beautifully layed out botanical garden.
This garden was first laid out by Thomas Honney - a well known Englishman - right back in 1885. Has also known to have designed a few famous garden around the world.

The Iron House,
Close by the Jardim Tunduru ... this house is exactly what it is - Steel!
Eiffel designed this steel bolted building to be a governor'house. What Gustave failed to relise, was that this was by far, the worst type of house to build in Mozambiques very hot and humid climate. Enough been said ... the house was never inhabited by the Governor. It is now the office of the Museums Department.

Maputo Elephant Reserve
79km South of Maputo and not so far from SOuth Africa and Swaziland, is the Maputo Elephant Reserve (part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area - a project joining areas in countrys of Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland. Elephants, Leopards, Hippos, Crocodiles, Antelope, Flamingos and a wide variety of birds can be spotted in this reserve.

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